A Motivated Individual, a Dedicated and Devoted Leader, who is Enlightening Zealously, bringing the art of melodic hooks with swift entendre laden lyrics.
Born DeKovan Shaw (better known as “MIDDLEZ”), earned his underground cred while being a member of a Chicago west-side rap crew called „K.I.P Boyz“. Middlez moved to Europe for a new life changing experience. In 2012 Middlez released his first mixtape titled „Welcome to Middlezville“ while living in Stuttgart Germany.
MIDDLEZ, also known as „CHIEF MIDDLEZ“ and member of the „GUZGANG“ Hip Hop collective, was raised in the same studio sessions as his cousin „SABA“ (Care For Me) on Chicago’s west-side, where he honed his craft. „CHIEF MIDDLEZ“ has worked with hugely popular artistic pioneers and creators such as CRO (TRU), DANJU (TAG 1), and Turkish rap star „EZHEL“ (MÜPTEZHEL).
In 2016 Middlez released his debut EP titled „AUTOBAHNFLOW“. Middlez has also been featured on German pop rap artist CRO movie soundtrack and performed at CRO’s MTV Unplugged Tour. Middlez currently released his sophomore project titled „AFRIKING AMERIKING“.
Now it’s 2019, Middlez is embarking on his first solo tour titled „I AM MIDDLEZ“ tour so expect a high energy performance, high level crowd participation, and fan interaction for those who may have already seen him perform at festivals and have since become fans.